In any given Fairfield County town, hundreds of environmental initiatives are going on, and one website is trying to become the hub for anyone looking to find out more about them., a division of Fairfield-based, launched in May in 15,000 towns nationwide. Its goal to become an online meeting ground for community members, educators and businesses.

During October, GreenTowns is running the Connecticut Campaign for Sustainable Communities, in which it hopes to get 1,000 more members signed up throughout the state.

The Connecticut Campaign is the first phase of the company's plan to increase its users.

Website operators would like to attract more green businesses to the site, GreenTowns director Daphne Dixon said.

The site is heavily used by people who want to share their educational initiatives, Dixon said, but businesses often drive the creation of sustainable infrastructure.

"Building sustainable communities requires a holistic approach, which means every aspect of how we live our lives, the choices we make and the products and services we buy, factor into the equation," Dixon said.

GreenTowns users can create a page for their environmental initiative or business under nine categories, including building, energy, lifestyle, food and transportation.

Businesses can upload photos, link to their company website and explain to customers what makes their services "green.", which is headquartered in downtown Fairfield, launched 10 years ago with the mission of being a virtual town square to connect people to information and resources in their community.

The company launched the GreenTowns brand to connect people around sustainability.

At this point, the company is trying to build up and is not yet aggressively looking to bring in revenue through the sites.

Frank Kuchinski ,of Poulson Hybrid, a Shelton company that converts vehicles into plug-in hybrids, said his company created a profile on the site.

"Connecticut is really spread out," he said.

"There are a lot of different groups. This is a way for people who want to get involved to see what's happening town by town and statewide and connect to other people who want to make a difference."

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