WESTPORT — A long-standing tradition in arts and crafts enjoyed its 44th year this weekend when the Westport Young Woman’s League hosted its annual CraftWestport event at Staples High School.

“Basically we have over 200 modern American crafts artists that come from all over the country,” said Lauren Bromberg, league president. “It’s a rare opportunity.”

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All buyers got to interact with a host of creators working in a wide range of disciplines — jewelry, wood working, ceramics, painting, photography, clothing and more.

“There are so many different genres,” she said.

For the league’s purposes, it also serves as a major fundraiser for its philanthropic missions, which includes grants to various local and education-based nonprofits. Last year there were 18 given out, including a $20,000 Super Grant that went to the Westport EMS, along with a $10,000 grant to Positive Directions.

CraftWestport took place both Saturday and Sunday, with a steady flow of visitors circling the Field House, as well as the cafeteria, to explore the range of vendors.

“Traditionally we have upward of 4,000 people coming through the door,” Bromberg said.