Arezzo Ristorante & Bar on Riverside Avenue has begun marketing its own culinary fare, including pasta sauces, specialty items and the restaurant’s award-winning caponata.

Juan Ceballos, owner of the restaurant founded in NYC in 2000, said in a statement about the food line that customers have been asking him to package his caponata and sauces for 15 years.

“A number of retailers recently approached me to private label them, and while that sounded great, I was worried about quality,” he said in a news release. “So I decided now was the time to start the product line.”

“It goes without saying that Arezzo is one of the best restaurants in Westport,” food writer Jennifer DeRycker, former academic director of Le Cordon Bleu and chef d’cuisine at the American Embassy in Paris, said in the publicity release for the new fare. “Every time I go to Westport, I make it a point to dine there.”

The restaurant’s caponata is “the brightest, most flavorful caponata I’ve tasted in the world,” she said. “I am thrilled I will now be able to purchase it.”

In addition to the caponata, the Arezzo Authentic Italian Fine Foods line will feature garden tomato, classic marinara and fra diavolo sauces. There will also be specialty items including biscotti, and the restaurant’s lemon sauce, which is used for salads, vegetables and fish.

“I could have farmed the recipes out to a co-pack,” Ceballos said. “But to make sure only the finest ingredients are used, we had to maintain full control of the preparation and production.”

Arezzo foods will be available at retailers throughout the tri-state area this summer and launch nationally in the fall.

For more information on Arezzo Ristorante & Bar, visit or call 203-557-9375.