Applications are being accepted for booths at the third annual Mini Maker Faire, the one-day showcase of innovation and creativity at Jesup Green and the Westport Library.

Inventors and tinkerers -- both professional and amateur -- as well as artists, crafters, scientists and others, can apply for booths at the fair, scheduled for Saturday, April 26.

The awarding of booths at the exhibition is competitive, based on topics and applicants' descriptions of their projects. Organizers said they expect fewer than 100 booths will be available.

There is no minimum age for applying.

Last year, the fair attracted an estimated 3,500 people, making it what organizers called the largest single-day downtown event. This year, they expect a crowd of 4,500.

The Westport Mini Maker Faire is a joint venture of the Westport Library and Remarkable STEAM, a local organization that promotes science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.

Each exhibitor will be assigned an eight-foot-by-eight-foot space. Organizers said the most captivating exhibits feature innovation, have a hands-on component and teach attendees something new.

In addition to inventors, artists and crafters, past exhibitors have included biotechnology and biochemistry researchers, designers, educators and engineers.

Applications are available at

Fees for booths are on a sliding scale that takes into account whether exhibitors are individuals or organizations, nonprofits or for-profit businesses and other factors. They range from $50 to $500, but are not collected until projects are accepted for the show.

Organizers strive for a diverse mix of makers, and if applications for multiple, very similar projects are received, the selection panel likely would choose one.

Applications will be accepted through March 11, and applicants will learn by April 1 if they have been accepted.

Applications may be filed in any of 13 categories.

For more information or to apply for a booth, visit