WESTPORT — A doctor is in the house. More specifically, a group of psychiatrists could soon occupy a portion of the Corporate Park District in the Post Road West Corporate Parks District (CPD), thanks to a new Planning and Zoning Commission Amendment.

On Oct. 5, the Commission unanimously voted to pass a resolution allowing healthcare professional, medical and dental uses in the Corporate Park District .

Per town zoning regulation, “The purpose of the Corporate Park District zone was to allow single-tenant corporate office developments on sites of at least 1.5 acres fronting on the Boston Post Road, limiting the intensity of development and providing adequate off-street parking.”

The text amendment permitting healthcare professional, medical and dental uses in the CPD extends beyond the 300 Post Road West property and encompasses the six lots on the north side of Post Road West from Sylvan Road South to the west and the lot at the southwest corner of Post Road East and Kings Highway South.

Mel Barr, of Barr Associates, applied for the text amendment and presented at the P&Z meeting on behalf of the owner of 300 Post Road West.

Barr said he was, “contacted by a Realtor and property owner that were interested” in the prospect of enabling a healthcare professional (psychiatrist) at 300 Post Road West.

The 300 Post Road West property is co-owned by 300 PRW LLC and Dr. Simon Halegoua. A professor and researcher in neuroscience at Stony Brook University in New York, Halegoua co-owns the Post Road property as part of his side job as, “the manager of a family run investment firm that owns the building,” he told Westport News.

“A broker for Western Conn Medical Group contacted Steve Crowley because they were interested in leasing the space for psychiatric purposes,” Halegoua said.

Steve Crowley, of Westport’s SCA-Crowley Real Estate Services, then contacted Mel Barr to propose the amendment to the P&Z.

Barr said the amendment seeks to address, “vacant office space,” and, “the difficult office market right now.” “My client has a office building in a corporate park district that has been vacant for a year and a half,” Barr said.