WESTPORT — With the remediation of a final classroom and hallway over winter break, the project to remove mold at Coleytown Middle School has ended, at least for now.

“At this time we believe we have addressed all of the mold growth concerns that we were made aware of by the air quality test,” said Elio Longo, director of school business operations, who had been overseeing the project.

Over winter break, Stamford-based environmental consultant Hygenix Inc. remediated classroom 221 and a second-floor hallway above the ceiling plenum at a total cost of $30,674. The classroom was the 28th from which mold was removed. Two major hallways were also remediated.

The entire project began in August 2016 and was originally anticipated to wrap by the end of that year. The scope and cost of the project grew as increasingly more problematic classrooms were discovered. The district spent $704,307 to remediate the classrooms and hallways and reduced a $327,075 carryover fund, transferred by the Board of Finance at the Board of Education’s request in August, to $150,000.

During the course of the remediation, Longo said he and Mark Cooper, director of the Westport Weston Health District, were reviewing reports from the nurse’s office as to mold-related health complaints from students and staff. Cooper said that inhaling mold can cause asthma attacks or cold-like symptoms. Both men said they did not see an increase in visits or mold-related symptoms during the remediation process that lasted longer than a year.

Longo said Coleytown’s Tools for Schools Committee, which includes teachers, parents, building administrators, the director of health services, nurses and central office administrators, will continue to look for signs of mold in the school, but at this time remediation is complete.

“We’ll continue to visually monitor the building and hallways and we’ll continue to work with the Tools for Schools Committee for any future testing,” Longo said.

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