Growing up playing baseball will always be one of life’s best moments.

As a kid, playing in the yard or on one of the local team brought a number of laughs, joy, and the occasional bag of Doritos after the game was over.

What else could a kid ask for?

Although it feels like an eternity since those grand, ole times on a baseball field, those moments come rushing back each year in the form of 12-13 year olds on a diamond in Williamsport, Penn.

The Little League World Series is a spectacle for the entire country — watching teams compete on the national stage for glory and a lifetime of memories.

In this year’s installment of this miniaturize version of the midsummer’s classic, Fairfield American has sent a team to represent the New England region and the Nutmeg state.

While it is never fun to see your rival get to the ultimate stage — Westport Little League and Fairfield American play in the same district tournament — I think that an exception can be made in this case.

As the tournament gets started, watching a group of kids from the same area should bring a bit of pride for the players that competed against them, it shows that their skills matchup with one of the best Little League teams in the world.

But as a district, section, and region, it shows that quality baseball is played right here in Fairfield county.

The feeling should be none too dissimilar than a group of Westport kids that made the run to Williamsport four years ago. For most from the town, the story is known far and wide, from the town hall steps down to Staples High School.

With the support of the rest of the state behind them, and pretty good players on the roster, the Westport Little Leaguers finished fourth in the tournament and made it all the way to the United States Championship game.

Although a storybook ending wasn’t in the card four years ago for the kids from Westport — a 2017 Clas LL baseball state title for several members of that team probably helped eased that pain — that year, the hero’s welcome when they got back to Connecticut showed the enormous backing that team had.

From everyone in the state.

So root for the kids from Fairfield American as they lace up their collective spikes and prepare to take the field.

Not as rivals, but as the group from Connecticut that could make it all the way.

AJohnson@hearstmedia; @aronJohnson_