In the wake of the altercation that took place on Wednesday evening, that ended with a Wilton parent being arrested after allegedly assaulting a Fairfield Ludlowe assistant coach, the fact remains that fighting has zero place in high school sports.

The sportsmanship that is often applauded can often times be overshadowed a single incident. Passion when it comes to student-athletes, especially during the hotly-contested battles of a conference matchup, will always be there — but cooler heads must always win out.

For the athletes involved, the whole situation is a regrettable one, but for a coach to be allegedly assaulted by a parent is completely unacceptable. All those on the sidelines are there for the same reason — cheering on their respective teams. That should never result in what allegedly transpired in that Wilton parking lot — an ugly incident that marred an otherwise enjoyable high school girls soccer match.

It is a black-eye for all parties involved and the parent that felt the need to go after a coach should be embarrassed.

ajohnson@hearstmedia; @aronJohnson_