7 Westport eateries fail July health inspections

WESTPORT — Seven Westport eateries failed July health inspections after receiving four-point deductions, with several already making appropriate corrections.

Establishments can fail health inspections two ways: either by obtaining a score under 80 out of 100 possible points, or by receiving just one four-point deduction. Subsequent re-inspections are typically carried out two weeks after the initial inspection was completed.

Cuatro Hermanos, a Mexican and Latin fusion restaurant on Saugatuck Avenue, failed a re-inspection on July 12 with a passing score of 90, but one four-point deduction. Notes from the inspection reported “the lift top cooler in back kitchen did not maintain 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below.”

Alex Trdevaj, manager of Cuatro Hermanos, said the restaurant has since bought a new cooler

“She wanted it fixed or replaced, but we bought a new machine,” she said. “We’ve never had that problem.”

On Aug. 2, the restaurant passed it’s re-inspection with a 94.

Stiles Farmers Market, at 999 Post Road East, obtained a score of 90, but failed the routine inspection due to a four-point deduction caused by cut watermelon and cantaloupe being placed on top of ice and not maintained at the proper temperature of 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

“We’ve corrected it and we have placed the items in a refrigerator,” a representative for Stiles Farmers Market said.

Stiles Farmers Market has not yet had its re-inspection.

Chef’s Table, at 161 Cross Highway, failed a July 12 inspection with a score of 89, but one four-point deduction due to the salad bar not properly working. The restaurant also failed a re-inspection on Aug. 2 with a 90 but one four-point deduction due to the problem not being corrected.

Rich Herzfeld, owner of Chef’s Table, said all temperatures are now in the safe range and the equipment is working properly.

“Our customers’ safety is our first priority and the health department has helped us figure out solutions for keeping the three or four items cold that were only slightly above the 41 degree target temperature,” he said.

Bistro B, at 1595 Post Road East, failed a July 24 routine inspection, obtaining a score of 83 but one four-point deduction due to a missing consumer advisory on their menu.

Steven Montello, owner of the restaurant, said once this was brought to his attention he had new menus reprinted to add the additional language. Montello said the Westport-Weston Health District has also since been notified of the change.

Le Penguin, at 7 Sconset Square, failed a July 19 routine inspection for similar reasons. The lack of a consumer advisory on their menu caused a four-point deduction and brought their score to a 79.

Reached for comment, Le Penguin owner Anshu Vidyarth said the restaurant’s consumer advisory statement clearly stated what was asked by the health department when they first opened.

“It seems the health inspector wanted it to be worded differently,” he said, adding his restaurant has since made all the appropriate changes.

Two additional restaurants also failed due not having the consumer advisory statement on their menus. Matsu Sushi, at 33 Jesup Road, failed a July 23 health inspection with a score of 88, while VFW at 465 Riverside Ave., failed a July 26 inspection with a score of 88. Owners for both establishments were unavailable for comment.