WESTPORT — Four men, found shivering in the Long Island Sound after their boat took on water Tuesday afternoon, were rescued and taken to a local hospital to be treated, officials said.

The Westport Police Marine Unit responded to a call of four people in the water near Peck Ledge Lighthouse around 2:30 p.m. after an oyster boat called in the incident to Norwalk police, who called Westport police.

The Westport marine unit responded and found a small aluminum boat taking on water.

“The boat was clearly overloaded and partially submerged with four occupants clinging to it,” said a statement from Westport Police Lt. Jillian Cabana. “The men were shivering, were not properly dressed for conditions and two did not have personal floatation devices.”

The four men were rescued from the water and given blankets to warm them up while they were on board the Westport Marine 1 vessel.

The men were then transferred to a Norwalk Fire Department boat, which took the four men to shore. Cabana said all four men were taken to Norwalk Hospital for treatment.

“After rescuing the men, officers were able to pump out the boat in order to prevent it from sinking,” Cabana said. “Once refloated, it was towed from the scene to Norwalk shores by the Norwalk Police Department Marine Unit.”

Norwalk Deputy Fire Chief Ed Prescott said Norwalk police towed the boat to the docks at Veterans Park in East Norwalk. He said the water temperature was measured at 64 degrees.

“The coordinated effort led to a successful resolution to what could have been a fatal situation,” Cabana said.