WESTPORT — Four Westport eateries failed their September health inspections with half having since passed re-inspections.

Stiles Farmers Market and Pink Sumo Cafe also passed their re-inspections with a score of 96 and 93 respectively after previously failing in August.

Establishments fail health inspections by obtaining a score under 80 out of 100, or by receiving just one four-point deduction. Re-inspections are typically carried out two weeks after the initial inspection was completed.

190 Main Bar and Restaurant, at 190 Main Street, failed a Sept. 27 health inspection with a 69 after receiving two four-point deductions. According to the health inspection report, the restaurant faced one four-point deduction due to hand sinks being blocked during the inspection.

Another four-point deduction was due to a missing element on the consumer advisory on menus. A star corresponding with any foods undercooked or served raw needed to be placed on the consumer advisory, the report said.

The restaurant also faced deductions due to a lack of a food probe thermometer. The restaurant has not yet had its re-inspection.

Romanacci Express, at 54 Railroad Place, failed a Sept. 24 health inspection with a score of 91 due to a four-point deduction. According to the report, the restaurant’s cooler was not properly maintaining the correct temperature. Products in the cooler were subsequently thrown out during the inspection.

Romanacci Express has not yet had its re-inspection.

Senor Salsa, at 221 Post Road West, failed a Sept. 6 health inspection with a score of 80 due to a four-point deduction for a similar issue. The report stated the bain marie cooler was not keeping products at or below 41 degrees Fahrenheit. The report advised the cooler not be used until approved by the Westport-Weston Health District.

Senor Salsa later passed a re-inspection on Oct. 8 with a score of 91 after fixing the cooler.

Staples High School cafeteria failed a Sept. 18 health inspection with a 91, but a single four-point deduction, due to breaded chicken at the sandwich station being placed at 105 degrees Fahrenheit. According to the report, the food needed to be cooled in the walk-in cooler prior to being served.

The cafeteria passed a re-inspection on Oct. 2 with a score of 92.

Managers from the four locations were unavailable to comment on the inspections as of press time.