4 Westport eateries fail August health inspections

WESTPORT — Four Westport eateries failed August health inspections after receiving four-point deductions, with half having since made appropriate corrections.

Establishments can fail health inspections two ways: either by obtaining a score under 80 out of 100, or by receiving just one four-point deduction. Subsequent re-inspections are typically carried out two weeks after the initial inspection was completed.

Pink Sumo Cafe, a Japanese restaurant that offers seafood and more, failed a routine inspection on Aug. 27 with a passing score of 88, but a four-point deduction. Notes from the inspection said a refrigerator was at 54 degrees Fahrenheit and did not maintain the proper temperature of 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

Skye Kwok, owner of Pink Sumo Cafe, said the refrigerator was used for ginger, wasabi and some sushi decoration. According to Kwok sushi chef’s constantly open and close the cooler, which may have led to the temperature problem.

“I am buying a better cooler to replace the old one,” Kwok said, adding the new cooler will help keep the temperature consistent.

Pink Sumo Cafe has not yet had it’s re-inspection.

Stiles Farmers Market, at 999 Post Road East, failed a Aug. 22 inspection with a score of 86, but one four-point deduction due to a faulty cooler. Products in the cooler were thrown out at the time of the inspection.

Le Penguin, at 7 Sconset Square, failed a Aug. 8 inspection with a four-point deduction due to a missing consumer advisory on their menu. Westport-Weston Health District’s health inspector Antonia Menta said the restaurant has since updated their menu and passed.

Chef’s Table, at 161 Cross Highway, failed a Aug. 2 inspection with a score of 90 due to the salad bar not properly working. The restaurant would later have the issue corrected and pass a Aug. 23 re-inspection with a score of 93.

Owners for these establishments were unavailable for comment.