WESTPORT — Two Westport eateries failed October health inspections, with one having since made the appropriate corrections.

Establishments can fail health inspections two ways: Either by obtaining a score under 80 out of 100, or by receiving just one four-point deduction. Subsequent re-inspections are typically carried out two weeks after the initial inspection was completed.

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Jeera Little Thai Kitchen on Bayberry Lane failed an Oct. 30 health inspection with a 78 after receiving a four-point deduction for having blocked hand sinks, according to the inspection report.

The restaurant also faced deductions for not having a food probe thermometer available during inspection, and having raw chicken thawed in the prep sink without running water.

Jeera Little Thai Kitchen has not yet had its re-inspection.

Stop & Shop Supermarket on Post Road East failed an Oct. 22 inspection with a score of 89 after receiving a four-point deduction due to food temperature issues. According to the report, turkey breasts kept at 48 degrees Fahrenheit had to be thrown out during the inspection.

Additionally, sandwiches were found in a front display on refrigerated surfaces that were not maintaining proper temperatures; the items were subsequently thrown out during the inspection.

Stop & Shop Supermarket later passed a re-inspection on Nov. 12 with a 94.

Managers from the two businesses were unavailable to comment on the scores.

Also this month, Romanacci Express and 190 Main Bar and Restaurant passed their re-inspections with scores of 95 and 91, respectively, after previously failing in September.