Eighteen high-honors students in Staples High School's Class of 2014 will mark their academic success at the school's annual High Honors Dinner.

The high-honors graduates rank in the top 4 percent of their graduating class.

For the dinner, each student will select a school staff member to make personal remarks to parents, teachers, administrators, relatives and friends in attendance. The date of the dinner has yet to be set.

Among those with the academic distinction are Eliza Llewellyn, valedictorian, and Melissa Beretta, salutatorian.

Other members of the Staples Class of 2014 attaining high honors include:

Sarah Fox, Steven Sobel, Warren Schorr, Charles Jersey, Nicholas Stern, Jack Cody, Charles Sonenclar, Ben Goldschlager and Carly Steckal.

Also, Katherine Cion, Deanna Baris, Amanda Mezoff, Ariana Sherman, Emma Moskovitz, Liana Sonenclar and Anais Mitra.