WESTPORT — Single-lane traffic is headed to the Bayberry Lane Bridge in the near future due to deteriorating infrastructure, said First Selectman Jim Marpe.

The announcement follows the release of a recent Connecticut Department of Transportation inspection report, which found that the outer beams of the bridge could no longer bear “full traffic loads.”

“By reducing the bridge width to the inner single lane the load rating on the bridge will remain valid for all legal loads. This action will allow the general public, school, and emergency service vehicles, as well as snow maintenance vehicles to pass over the bridge for the foreseeable future,” said Marpe.

The bridge, which traverses the Aspetuck River, is eligible for replacement under the Federal Local Bridge Program administered by the state DOT. Under the program, the cost of the bridge replacement would receive 80 percent reimbursement from federal aid, with the remaining 20 percent paid from municipal funds.

The project design is expected to begin in early 2018, with construction likely in 2019 or 2020.

Marpe noted that local and state policy encourages early information to citizens on such projects and encourages people to raise any concerns with municipal officials early in the planning process.

Anyone seeking additional information is asked to contact the Westport Public Works Department at 203-341-1120.