WESTPORT — Police are investigating a series of car burglary attempts in several Westport neighborhoods.

According to a release from the Westport Police Department, during the overnight/early morning hours on Monday, several local neighborhoods visited by what is presumed to be a group of suspects traveling by car seeking to burglarize unlocked vehicles.

Police said areas that reported such incidents included locations off of Greens Farms Road on both the east and west sides of town, as well as the Old Mill Beach area. Also reported in the overnight hours was the theft of a vehicle from the Compo Beach area that had been been left unlocked with the keys inside of it.

Police said they expected reports of more incidents throughout Monday.

“We ask that you please let these incidents serve as a reminder that vehicle break-ins and vehicle thefts continue to occur in ours and neighboring communities at great frequency; especially in the overnight hours,” the release said. “In the majority of Westport cases of vehicles being entered which resulted in thefts of goods from within, the doors were left unlocked. In almost all Westport cases of vehicles being stolen, keys were left inside of an unlocked vehicle.”

Police said that attempted burglers tend to not spend time on cars with locked doors and advised residents to take proper precautions.

“Preventative measures taken by the community coupled with the vigilance of our officers is the key to safeguarding our neighborhoods from being victimized,” the release read. “With that, we ask that you please always lock your car and bring your keys inside. Please remember to take valuables out of your car for the night, such as purses, wallets and electronics and to never leave these items out in plain view within; even if the vehicle is locked. It is also good practice to keep outside lights on and motion lights activated. Lock your residence and arm the security system if your home is equipped with one.

Anyone with additional information relative to this investigation is asked to contact the Westport Police Department Detective Bureau at 203-341-6080.