STAMFORD — Margarito Campos-Marin cried tears of joy in the arms of his attorney Wednesday, moments after a jury acquitted him of sexually assaulting his former girlfriend’s young daughters.

Campos-Marin, 40, faced up to 26 years in prison on charges of fourth-degree sexual assault, illegal sexual contact with a child victim and attempted fourth-degree sexual assault.

But the jury of four women and two men needed only 90 minutes to find him not guilty of all charges.

“It was absolutely a just verdict,” defense attorney Darnell Crosland said. “You can’t use your gut. You can’t use a hunch. You have to have evidence and they did not have it.”

Crosland said he rejected a no-jail plea agreement that was offered to his client to resolve the case.

“He said, ‘I’m innocent Darnell, do I have to plead guilty?’ I said to him in this country maybe 90 percent of the cases settle in a guilty plea, but if you really believe you are innocent, we can take the case to trial,” Crosland said.

The jury listened to five days of testimony that ended Monday when Campos-Marin took the stand and declared his innocence.

Under questioning by Crosland, Campos-Marin painted a picture of a maligned would-be stepfather and disciplinarian who came under police scrutiny after he caught his girlfriend’s youngest daughter sending inappropriate tweets. He said the girl’s sister became angry at him and accused him of stalking her online.

Campos-Marin said he had been paying rent and sleeping in the living room of his girlfriend’s apartment for about two years before this occurred.

Campos-Marin told the jury he never had a good relationship with his girlfriend’s oldest daughter, but the breaking point came in January 2013 when he told the mother about the tweets. He said that’s when the sexual abuse accusations surfaced.

“I was telling her to set a better example for her younger sister and she got very upset,” Campos-Marin testified through an interpreter.

But under cross examination from Assistant State’s Attorney Daniel Cummings, Campos-Marin admitted he never told police about the Twitter issue.

When the girls told their mother about the alleged abuse in January 2013, the woman did not immediately report it to police because she said she feared what would happen to her family. Police were contacted several months later when her older daughter told a school counselor about the alleged assaults.

Campos-Marin was arrested in December 2013 and has been free on bond.

“The jury has spoken,” Cummings said. “We appreciate the victims coming forward and telling their story.”