STAMFORD — On Nov. 27, the Stamford High School language department hosted its annual “First Thanksgiving” for the new multicultural students that are now attending the school.

Students from Haiti, Colombia, Peru and other countries experienced their first Thanksgiving. The event took place in the small auditorium filled with Thanksgiving decorations, tables, and lots of thankfulness in the air.

The event kicked off with the students gathered around in a large circle. Each person in the circle said what they were thankful for this year. Multiple students stated that they were “thankful for their teachers,” which was very moving, especially to all the teachers present.

After the “grateful circle” took place, the students tried the food provided by the staff. The food served included turkey, sweet potatoes, cornbread, and other classic Thanksgiving foods. The students seemed more intrigued by the side dishes because they had not been exposed to those foods back in their countries.

“I have never seen or tasted any of the food I saw today; it was pretty weird but I wasn’t hesitant to try it,” said Stephany Melgar Montoy, an 11th-grader from Peru. “I come from a country where this holiday doesn’t exist, so the whole day was new for me.”

Other students had similar reactions.

Overall, all the students were very eager to try the new food and all enjoyed being able to share a table with and make new friends with their peers.

To the staff, being able to host such a significant event was heartwarming for them. Most of the teachers have their own children and they explained how they view the students as if they were their own. They saw this event as a great way to bring opportunity and experience to the student body at Stamford High.

Stamford High Principal Raymond Manka stopped by during the event and interacted with the students, enjoying a plate with them and talking about their different perspectives on Thanksgiving.

“This was an amazing experience,” said Kristina Lawson, the head of the language department.

The First Thanksgiving at Stamford High was an exceptional gathering that was able to introduce the new students to American culture.

Leila Rajcoomar is a student at Stamford High School.