BRIDGEPORT — Central High School’s Class of 1987 grew up before the dawn of social media but still managed to keep in touch, according to Martin Barrett, a member of the class.

“Our class theme song, ‘ Never Say Goodbye,’ by Bonjovi truly speaks for our class,” said Barrett. “We never said goodbye.”

Three decades later, many individuals from the class are strong leaders, holding to responsibility, accountability, adaptability and so many other internal skill sets outside of their academic achievements, according to Barrett.

As a group, they decided to challenge current students to do the same, by starting a scholarship program. The class awarded its first set of $600 scholarships to two members of the Class of 2017 at a ceremony on Tuesday at the school.

The first recipients are seniors Santiago Garaba and Asha-Layla, who were selected by guidance staff after writing letters on their future and college aspirations.