Westonite Nancy Hammerslough has written a new book, "Almost Lost, Nearly Found: A Novel of Sisters and Secrets," published by Brown Barn Books.

Hammerslough has been active in Weston for close to 50 years, as a member of the Weston Board of Education; co-producer and writer of the Emmy-winning television production "The Outlivers," featuring Christopher Plummer and James Naughton; a member of the Governor's Committee on Voluntary Action; former chairman of the Weston Democratic Town Committee; and former head of the Weston Public Schools' volunteer program. She also is the founder of Pictures of Record Inc., which produces visual archaeological materials for universities and museums, and founded seven years ago, Brown Barn Books, which publishes books for young adults.

Set in a small Indiana city at the end of World War II, "Almost Lost, Nearly Found" tells the story two sisters and their mother, who abide by the strict, sometimes unwritten rules for "nice girls." The older sister, Janice, is homecoming queen, and is thin, pretty and has lots of boys calling her. The younger sister, Peggy, has trouble fitting into junior miss clothes, is the tallest girl in the seventh grade and despairs of any boy ever asking her for a date. Their small, proper world is threatened when Janice is the victim of a violent act and is wounded. Although it all must be kept secret by the sisters, Janice must find and heal herself far from home. And Peggy will grow into a young woman who cleverly uses society's rules to find her own way.

"Almost Lost, Nearly Found" sells for $9.95 and is available at area booksellers.