They may not be the star quarterback or the gold medal-winning science whiz, but they don't have to be. More than a dozen Staples High School students were honored as the school's first "Students of the Month" and the recognition program is designed to recognize those who might not otherwise receive personal recognition their entire high school career.

The students were nominated by their teachers so they're educator-approved. The criterion for nomination is simple: someone who comes to school regularly, does what he/she is supposed to do as a student, is friendly to the teacher and to their peers and contributes to the class. The students, one could say, are sort of like Cal Ripken Jr. Ripken wasn't knocking home runs out of the park like Sammy Sosa, or stealing bases like Ricky Henderson, but he was an all-around great player. The students of the month are all-around great students.

The nomination forms that were sent out to Staples staff asked teachers to close their eyes when they're home on a Sunday and think of one student among all they teach who makes them smile when they see him or her.

"Who is that student who makes you happy that you are a teacher and have her/him in your class?" asked the form, which noted a building full of really nice people is what makes Staples such a wonderful place and some of those students should be recognized.

The students recognized as "Students of the Month" were: Adrian Allen; Amereen Anand; Remy Bonett; Michael Cozzi; Ryan Devine; Matthew George; Juliana Lametta; Joshua Litvinoff; Jackson Moss; Joshua Rosenberg; Cole Tessler; Panagiota Tsilfides; and Jamie Yarmoff.

All of the students, in addition to receiving a certificate of recognition, get their photo displayed on a bulletin board outside the school's main office. Also, parents of the students receive a letter congratulating them on raising such fine children.