Spartan Up Kids - Daily Training is Your Ticket to Long-Term Health

[Note: The following content and photos were contributed by Spartan Races in anticipation of the Spartan Kids Race in Stamford's Mill River Park, September 26-27.]

With more than 37% of 6-11-year olds weighing in as obese, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, getting fit as a family is critical. As the Stamford area prepares for the first kids-only Spartan Up Kids obstacle course race on September 26 and 27, the importance of training and conditioning can't be over-stated. The Spartan Kids Race is now open for registration. For more information on the Stamford Spartan Kids Race, including cost and registration, visit

All exercise is a path to weight management, but weight-bearing exercise also builds bone and muscle mass during the critical developmental stages of growth. Some mistakenly believe that weight-bearing exercise may be too much for children's bones; however, done correctly, it actually builds more cells, determining bone strength for the rest of their lives. Weight bearing exercise forces you to work against gravity.