Report: Where Connecticut cities rank in list of best, worst cities for singles

Photo of Lidia Ryan

Looking for love in Connecticut? You have an okay shot, according to a recent study by WalletHub.

The site looked 182 U.S. cities and ranked them based on how "dating-friendly" they are. This includes things like opportunities for fun and recreation, the affordability of said recreations and the number of single residents.

Nationally, WalletHub found that the average cost of a date is $102.57 and about 45 percent of the population is single.

Only two Connecticut cities were included in the ranking — New Haven and Bridgeport — and they came in at numbers 69 and 113.

Click through the slideshow to see how they made out in the three main categories of the ranking: economics (cost of date activities), fun and recreation (number of attractions, movies theater, restaurants etc.) and dating opportunities (single population).

Keep clicking to see the top 10 best cities for singles .