Get Ready at Chelsea Piers for the Spartan Kids Race!

[Note: The following content and photos were contributed by Spartan Races in anticipation of the Spartan Kids Race in Stamford's Mill River Park, September 26-27.]

Warming up properly before exercise is tremendously important. Athletes should take the time to get their body temperature up and blood pumping before competing. This comprehensive warm-up, provided by Chelsea Piers Trainer Andrew Burlin, can be used every day, before every work-out, but especially for kids competing in the Spartan Race on Saturday and Sunday September 26 & 27 at the Mill River Park!

Perform each exercise to the best of your ability, while maintaining good posture and steady breathing. All exercises should be completed twice, and the entire warm-up should take 10 – 15 minutes. Do each of the following for 30 yards (click the links for a video of some of the exercises):

Mix it up with 20 reps for each of the following:


If you're not ready to commit to a full program yet, Chelsea Piers offers drop-in activities. Hour-long sessions for gymnastics, parkour and rock climbing range from $8 to $16. If you can't commit to a weekly class, but know your youngsters love these activities, 10-packs are available for purchase. Visit to learn more about these classes, and many others available for kids as young as 4 months at Chelsea Piers!

To sign up for Stamford's Spartan Kids Race this weekend, go to