Save Our Strays in Westport has available for adoption the following animals:

Dog: "Lacey," which Save Our Strays describes as follows: "A very sweet and submissive 9-month-old beagle mix. Lacey's previous owners claim that she did not get along with their other dog, who they had before they adopted Lacey, therefore they surrendered her to us.

"Although, Lacey so far has shown no signs of aggression to other dogs or cats, so we aren't sure how true that statement is. Lacey seems to be pretty mellow and would do well with any family who will love her! We suggest that if you have any dogs of your own to bring them in when you come in to meet Lacey so we can be sure they will get along."

Cat: "Lexus," according to Save Our Strays, is "a sweet, 2-year-old, male tabby cat who seems to be pretty mellow. He has beautiful bright yellow eyes and perfect tabby markings. Lexus is neutered and up to date on all shots. He really deserves a loving home!

"January update: Lexus recently went to a foster home. Unfortunately, the family was hoping that one of the family members who was allergic to cats was now better and they were not, so Lexus had to come back to the shelter. Please read what the family had to say about him. `Unfortunately, my allergies are not well at all and we are going to need to bring him back to you. However, what I want to make sure you all know is that Lexus (or "Lex" or "Lexi" as the family has already taken to calling him) is an amazing cat. The description on the website simply doesn't do him justice. He is brave, curious, affectionate -- we are calling him the quintessential cat. After a couple of hours of chilling out on his own, getting accustomed to the noises and quirks of our household, he ventured out and about to check out the family and the environment. He started coming up to us, looking to curl up on lap or otherwise nearby one of us, sought after petting, etc. He started chatting with us by late last night as well, meowing away (not too much at all, just occasionally enough to let you know he's nearby). He loves exploring, and had a great time finding closets and bookcases, among other little nooks and crannies. He did wonderfully with the kids -- allowing petting, not getting scared by some classic loud little boy banging (curious and cautious, but not scared), and when he had enough, he simply left -- no aggression in the slightest. He took to the litter box without a qualm, communicated with us when he was hungry -- he really is the perfect cat. I hope a family without the allergies we have in this household finds Lex."

Fees for adopting an animal through Save Our Strays are: a $25 non-refundable application fee, which is applied to the adoption of the animal; adult cats, $100; kittens, $150, and all dogs, $250.

For more information about these animals and others available for adoption, contact Save Our Strays, 1677 Post Road East, Westport; 203-255-0514.