There are many truisms in real estate. Perhaps you’ve heard some?

“The first offer is almost always the best offer.”

“There are no bad homes, just bad prices.”

And, “You can’t sell your home if you don’t list it.”

Looking at the data, fall is a good time sell if you list it. True, there are more sales during the last spring to summer timeframe—some 250-plus each year in Greenwich—but there is also more competition come spring.

Consistently, year after year, approximately 175 single-family homes are sold in Greenwich from September to the end of the year. And it’s also true that there are far fewer homes listed during this same timeframe.

Fall is a good time to test the waters, to see what the market reaction is to your property. Many sellers take their homes off the market during the winter holidays. This not only pauses the “days to market” counter during the arguably slow winter months, but it gives you a second swing of the bat in the spring if your home doesn’t sell before.

Greenwich is a very dynamic real estate market. Some 60 percentof sales come from people who already live in town. For this majority, that ‘September move-in-time for the beginning of school’ is less critical. Lastly, autumn in Greenwich is every bit as spectacular as spring. Some homes even benefit from the additional natural light available with the departure of the leaves.

Susan Holey, Sotheby’s International Realty,

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