It's too bad the Weston and Greenwich girls tennis teams don't face each other this year. A match, even if it's just an exhibition, between Greenwich, considered the best team in the state since 2006, and Weston, which hasn't lost a match since 2006, would determine the best team in the state.

If this unofficial joust took place, a new No. 1 team would be confirmed, because if you look at both lineups, position by position, the Lady Trojans clearly is the better team and would beat Greenwich 5-2, maybe even 6-1. Even on a bad day for Weston, it would still edge the Lady Cardinals, 4-3.

The Lady Trojans have the edge because they have four girls highly ranked in New England and would play first singles for almost any other team in the state, including Greenwich. Because only one player can occupy that spot, three others are playing in a position lower than their talent level.

Current senior captain Marie Gargiulo took over at first singles in 2008 after winning a challenge match against then-senior captain Alyssa Schaefer, who graduated that year. One year later, Gargiulo, one of the aforementioned four, lost a challenge match to current junior Zoe Valella, who improved dramatically from the year before and moved to first doubles where she went on to win the State Open doubles title.

Valella is also highly ranked in New England, but freshman Kimmy Guerin is a highly ranked player nationally and wrested the top spot from Valella this year. Junior Emma Samson is the fourth highly ranked player in New England, played at second singles last year and is Gargiulo's partner at first doubles this year.

On some teams, this could lead to turmoil because of overheated egos, but not on Weston where everyone accepts her role and puts the team's interests ahead of her own.

"Everyone loves to win and all of us are good friends and love each other's company," Gargiulo said. "Everyone is happy to be on the team and none of us care where we play."

Guerin, a special player who would start on some top boys teams, will win at least three State Open singles titles before her career ends and has a legitimate chance of winning it all four years. In fact, expect her to play for a top Division I program in college and compete professionally.

Also expected to win a hypothetical match with Greenwich would be Valella at second singles, Gargiulo and Samson at first doubles and junior Aly Ashmore and Caroline Toutoungi at second doubles. Ashmore recently moved to Weston from Atlanta and was a top player there, and Toutoungi is strong as well, On most teams, this pair would play at first doubles.

Weston is strong in the other three positions as well where senior Rebecca Zhu plays at third singles and senior captain Katie Gross and Kelly Pierce alternate at fourth and sophomores Jessy Gersh and Morgan Murray comprise the third doubles unit. The Lady Trojans should win at least one of those matches on a fair day, maybe more to secure the title of best team in the state.

So, let's play, it would be great tennis and prove who is No. 1, once and for all.