The Staples boys volleyball team raised its record to 11-0 with a 3-0 (25-16, 25-15, 25-9) victory over Darien on Monday. Wreckers Coach Bruce Betts said, "I am happy with the win and think we played well. We were great on defense, had some nice plays on offense, and our passing and serving was on. Darien is a good team. They play like we play, trying to keep the ball in play. It was a good match for us." Senior captain Tom Prenderville added, " I am definitely pleased with today's win. Every game we seemed to beat them worse and we showed how we can get into a team's head. Today was I think our best win of the year."

Going into the game, Staples knew Darien would be one of its toughest opponents of the year. Senior captain Mikey Fitzgerald said, "Everyone knew they had to step up and play a good game. So we just had to focus and get a good warm-up in."

Betts commented, "The way that we prepared for Darien was in the Danbury and Central games. They play the same way Darien does. They play a lot to the middle of the court trying to disrupt our defensive sets. "

The Wreckers had many key performances, the most impressive coming from Prenderville who lead the team with 17 service points and 13 kills. He said, "Today I thought was one of my better games. I've been trying to keep it really smart which is what Betts and our assistant coach really stress. Practicing that has been working out and I think that's probably the best part of my game right now, which I'm happy about."

Fitzgerald was another big contributor for Staples, adding six kills, 13 assists and two aces. He said, " I think I played pretty well. Maybe I could have done better in certain spots, but overall I'm pretty pleased."

Prenderville added, "Mikey is always very consistent. He is the best all around player I'd say on the team in terms of setting, hitting, blocking, and defense."

Senior captain middle hitter Matt Brill added five kills for the Wreckers. Betts said, "Matt Brill has stepped up big time lately in the last couple games and has stayed consistent all year round."

Because of the injury of senior captain Evan Gaumert, adjustments had to be made to the rotation, moving senior captain Andrew Glenn (four kills, three aces) to outside hitter and junior Ryan Winter to libero. "I think Ryan Winter had a really good game as libero. He got after the ball really well today. He did really well on defense," Fitzgerald said.

Other contributors for the Wreckers were junior Danny Fishman (15 assists) and sophomore Jonah Aelyon (five kills, four assists, two service points),

Staples hosts St. Joseph today for the second time this season. Betts said, "We beat them the first time around, but they'll be better the second time and we'll be better. It will be a good match."