Jake Richard continues the tradition of excellence on the offensive line for Weston. A senior captain for the Weston football team, he earned First Team All-SWC and First Team All-State.

"It was nice to be honored like that," Richard said.

The team recognized him as its lineman of the year.

"That felt good to get it because we have a big line," Richard said.

A center for the Trojans, he was Second Team All-SWC junior year. Snapping the football is more important than people release because many games have turned on botched snaps. His ability to work well with quarterback Robbie Cordisco made sure Weston effectively executed one of the most elementary but important part of the game.

"You create a bond by spending four years with the same quarterback and you get to know each other," Richard said.

He was especially recognized by the league and state for providing Cordisco with ample protection and for opening up holes for the running backs. Richard was successful in this pursuit because he worked hard in the weight room during the offseason, which enabled him to increase his strength and manhandle opposing defensive linemen.

Although his work paved the way for his teammates' success, he never generated headlines for it. Despite not receiving his due and seeing others get credit for what he paved the way for, he remains undaunted.

"That's fine with me and that's the way it is," Richard said. "The linemen don't expect to be the headline guy."

Defensively, the 6-1, 265-pound Richard was a force at nose guard for the Trojans. He won many battles and his work in the trenches helped his linebackers and defensive backs make the tackles and enabled the other linemen and linebackers to take down the opposing quarterback.

"You have to get off the line fast, throw your hands up and get on the center before he can get on you," Richard said. "You have to come out quick and control the line before he can drive you."

Life on the gridiron began for him in fifth grade and he loved playing ever since.

"It was a combination of watching the NFL and my brothers playing," Richard recalled.

His brothers, Josh, Weston, Class '00 and Jamey, Class '03 preceded him. He knows he especially has to live up to Jamey, who was a tackle for the Trojans, is currently the backup center for the Super Bowl runner-up Indianapolis Colts.

"There's pressure but I don't worry about it," Richard said. "I worry about playing my game and working as hard as I can."

Leadership is a strength of his as he led the Trojans with two classmates. He led mostly by example through his work ethic but as he grew into his role, he developed into a solid verbal leader as well.

"It was great to be recognized by my teammates because they voted for me for captain," Richard said. "It wasn't difficult because I did the same thing as I did before. I didn't act differently and I tried to do the same thing every year."

Growing up, he played lacrosse from fifth grade to last year but is switching over to outdoor track this year because it will allow him more time to lift for football. He will also throw the shot put and discus, which will help him build his strength.

"I hope to make New Englands," Richard said. "I'll try my hardest to do so."

Academically, he's a B+, A- student. History is his favorite subject and his time management skills allow him to balance his schoolwork with football.

Next year, he will do a post graduate year at Milford Academy and play football. He hopes this will prepare him for Division I college football and knows what he has to do in order to achieve this.

"The key is to work hard in the offseason," Richard said.