Eddie Hutchins quietly has led the Weston football team to potentially its first winning season in eight years. A senior quad-captain, he has amassed 1,042 yards on 220 carries, averaging 115.8 per game and was nominated for First Team All-SWC honors. Junior Year, he was Second Team All-SWC.

"It feels pretty good," Hutchins said. "I worked very hard and it was nice to see some of my goals fulfilled. I owe it all to my teammates and the offensive line in particular. We played well and worked very hard."

Weston is 5-4 to date and is favored to finish its season at 6-4, provided that it wins at 2-7 Joel Barlow Wednesday night. Hutchins has played a major role in its success and whenever the team needs play, he's its go-to player, either by running the ball at his natural running back position or behind center in the wildcat formation.

"Eddie's helped us quite a bit this year," Trojans Coach Joe Lato said. "He's having a great senior year and has helped us at two positions on offense and defense. He also helped us on special teams."

Before senior quad-captain quarterback Joey Falci returned from an injury, Hutchins usually touched the ball at least 30 times in a game. Handling this load was never a problem for him and in addition to his 220 carries, he has 14 receptions for 173 yards.

"Whatever it takes to win a game, I'll do," Hutchins said. "I feel some pressure but it's not that much. I get beat up a lot but it's part of the game. I just want to win and I don't give up."

Being physically fit enables Hutchins to handle the hits he absorbs.

"He's quite a warrior for us," Lato says. "He's proven he's a durable kid and is one of the kids who has bought into our philosophy. He's always in the weight room, is in shape, conditions hard and is tough."

Possessing breakaway speed has enabled Hutchins to find the holes and break free for long runs. He also has great vision on the field and football smarts, which also contributes to his ability to find the openings and navigate through them.

"I worked hard in the offseason and over the summer on sprinting and conditioning," he said. "I've been playing varsity football since sophomore year and the experience helps me find the holes and know where they open up on certain plays."

Lining up as the quarterback in the wildcat formation is something he relishes. Overall, Hutchins has 14 touchdowns with a fair proportion coming while lining up behind the center.

"I like being the quarterback and I get good blocks, which helps," Hutchins says. "I like the wildcat a lot."

Defensively, he has 38 tackles and recovered two fumbles while playing at safety and inside linebacker. He broke up many passes and delivered many punishing blows to his opponents.

"I always liked playing defense and its fun to deliver the hits," Hutchins says.

Life on the gridiron began in seventh grade when his mother consented to Hutchins playing football. If he had his druthers, he would have started earlier. While waiting for the green light to play football, he played soccer in the fall.

"I always wanted to play but my mom said no," he recalled. "Once she said yes, I've been playing ever since. It's fun because of the adrenaline rush and there's no other sport like that."

In seventh grade, he began playing lacrosse in the spring after his friends convinced him to play it. He played for Weston's freshman and JV squads before making varsity as a junior. Waiting his turn to play varsity lacrosse didn't faze him.

It was worth the wait for the 6-foot, 170-pound Hutchins is a defensive midfielder in lacrosse and was First Team All-SWC last year.

"It was a surprise," he admitted. "I didn't think I was going to get it and it's kind of a shock. I enjoyed playing JV but playing varsity was a lot more fun and competitive."

While he's more renowned and comfortable on offense on the gridiron, his preference is more aligned towards defense in lacrosse.

"I think I always had a head for defense in lacrosse," Hutchins said. "Defense comes more naturally for me and I like it a lot more than offense in lacrosse."

Growing up, he played basketball from fourth through eighth grade but stopped before freshman year. Junior year, he joined the wrestling team because his friend and classmate Carmine Magnoli persuaded him to do so.

Leadership is another strength of his as he is a football captain this fall and will serve as a lacrosse captain in the spring. Hutchins mostly leads by example but will fire up his teammates verbally whenever he needs to.

"I liked it and it's an honor," Hutchins said. "Not many people are two-sport captains."

Academically, he's a good student. Science is his favorite subject.

"I set a time for homework and I get it done," he said.

Hutchins is undecided about which college he'll attend or what his major will be but wherever he goes, he hopes to play either football or lacrosse or possibly both. In order to do so, he knows he has to raise his game to the next level and he knows he has to work hard in order to accomplish this endeavor. Hard work is what he's all about and if he follows his pattern, he appears to be on his way to becoming a college athlete.