It's hard to blame Nate Greenberg for being a little antsy these past few days. It's in his blood. It's his ultra quick reactions -- and shot -- that made him one of the most feared attack players within the ranks of boys lacrosse in Connecticut for the past three years for the Staples Wreckers.

Greenberg reported to Union College in Schenectady, N.Y., on Saturday as one of the newest members of the school's men's lacrosse team.

The Class L state semifinal loss to Fairfield Prep after earning the top seed in the state tournament has turned into a three-month-old memory.

"Pretty much all of my buddies have left, so I'm one of last ones," Greenberg said. "I'm kind of ready to get out of here and experience something new and go on with the next stage of my life."

That stage officially began yesterday when his team conducted its first official meeting. He is joined on the Union team by former fellow senior Staples attack specialist Jeff Kelly.

"The lacrosse season pretty much starts from there," he said.

Although his strength can be found in his wickedly fast shot while playing attack, he would have no problem manning one of the midfielder posts as well -- whatever will get him noticed by Union head coach Paul Wehrum and onto the field.

"He's already talked to me about the potential that I have for contributing to the team this year, so I'm hoping to fulfill his expectations," Greenberg said of Wehrum.

Wreckers Coach Paul McNulty said the fact that Greenberg can shoot with such velocity as a southpaw would make him "a big plus" for any offense.

"When he got to his spot about eight yards in front of the goal on that lefty side, he could drill it," McNulty said of the player who finished his three-year varsity career with more than 140 points. "It was going to take a great save to stop that shot. If he's coming on and there's a spot open... I'd think he'd have a really good chance because he's a lefty and he's a good shooter."

Greenberg, who lead the Wreckers in scoring the past two seasons, has been working with a pair of trainers at Freestyle Fitness in Westport to improve his conditioning in areas that will specifically help him with lacrosse and help him increase lean muscle mass.

"With lacrosse, you've got to have that power as well as that fast-twitch agility, so [they] tried to put all of that in to it and I think [they] did a pretty good job," Greenberg said.

McNulty always makes a point of impressing upon the graduating seniors who are preparing to enter the realm of collegiate lacrosse the importance of not slacking on workouts in the summer months leading up to their first semester of college.

"You can be cut if you're not completely in shape when you show up," he said. "If you show up in shape, ready to play, you'll do fine. Then you just worry about playing lacrosse. You don't have to worry about keeping up with the running."

When Greenberg does play word association with his high school career, the first memory that pops into his head was the first game of the season last year: an 11-10 overtime victory at home versus Ridgefield. The Wreckers, guided by the play of Greenberg and seven other seniors, went onto win 16 consecutive games on their way to an overall record of 18-2.

"I think that's what really kicked off our season," Greenberg said. "It could have made or broken our season and I think it made our season."

Now he's waiting for a kickoff of a different variety.