Ironically enough, Staples runner and 2010 graduate Kylie Gould will become a Greyhound this fall, as she will run for the University of Loyola Maryland.

Gould has run for Staples all 12 seasons, participating in cross country, indoor track and outdoor track. She competed in the 1000 meter run and 4x800 relay indoors as well as the 4x400 meter relay and 4x800 meter relay outdoors.

Most notably, Gould, along with Kristen Weiler, Caroline Smith and Emily Hanrahan, competed in the indoor 4x800 relay in New Englands and nationals. "That was a really good experience to compete with the best in the nation," said Gould.

On top of that, Gould, Georgia Kursten, Hanrahan and Weiler set the Staples outdoor 4x800 relay record by more than four seconds this spring. "Her senior year was a storybook year," said Staples track Coach Jesse McCray.

Gould captained all three seasons this past year and did so much to earn the team's praise. "She was such a great role model for the rest of the team," said Lady Wreckers cross-country Coach and assistant track coach Kristen Simonson. "Whether she was titled captain or not [the past four years], she was the one to go to."

Along with her coaches and fellow captains, the teams put together a new training program with influence from Villanova's program, among others. "It was a new way of doing everything," said Gould.

"Kylie was good at communicating the team's needs to the coaches," said cross-country and track captain Olivia Allen.

Gould believes that the newly established program will "guarantee success for the next few years."

It seems Gould's leadership has certainly had a positive impact on the Staples program. "I really enjoyed being a leader," said Gould. "It was really satisfying seeing how far each teammate had come."

Upon arriving at her new school in Baltimore, Gould plans on first acclimating herself to the new environment and workload before competing for the Division I indoor and outdoor track teams her freshman year. "Academics come first," she said.

She may or may not later decide to run cross country in the fall of her sophomore year as well.

Based on her past, Gould will likely adjust quickly. Before settling in Westport in sixth grade, Gould and her family lived in Georgia, Japan, Texas, and Massachusetts. Next up: Maryland. "I'm excited to start new again," said Gould.

With her, she will take everything she has learned from her coaches. One coach that stands out is Laddie Lawrence. "He taught me more about mentality and what to do than the mechanics," said Gould. "He was like a father or grandfather figure to me."

Simonson, who ran for the University of Connecticut and went to the Olympic training center in high school and college, was also important to Gould's development and success. "She had a lot to say about pre-race nutrition," said Gould.

That was especially important for her; Gould is hypoglycemic and drinks Pediasure the night before races and Pedialyte after them. Gould has fainted after a number of races as a result of low blood sugar. She has battled her share of injuries, including a torn ligament in her foot that kept her from running for a couple of months, as well as shin splints, among others, but hypoglycemia will follow her to college, so nutritional advice from Simonson is invaluable.

"Both Kristen and JM [McCray] were very helpful in that they helped keep my blood sugar up, and if I looked faint they told me it wasn't worth it to keep going." The issue is merely an obstacle for Gould, who Simonson calls a "diehard fan of the sport."

"Running is in my blood," said Gould, "My brother, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather all ran competitively. I knew it was something I wanted to do. I just didn't know I would last 12 seasons."

"She came to practice every day with a smile on her face," said McCray.

One way Simonson will remember Gould is by the way she made Simonson and her teammates laugh with what Simonson calls "Kylieisms." "She has a strange way of pronouncing some of her vowels. It's like she's from Minnesota or something." said Simonson affectionately.

It seems to be the consensus that Gould will be successful next year and beyond. Allen described her as "driven," saying that she "always wants more."

"She's someone who will always give it her best shot," said McCray.

Gould will likely begin having a positive effect on Loyola track for the next four years; she has certainly had a major impact on Staples track in the past four.

"There will never be another Kylie," says Simonsen.