The Essential Tool Sam Seneviratne Uses for Any (Every) Bake

Welcome to Playing Favorites, a new monthly series that puts our most beloved tools and gadgets front and center. Check in each month as our favorite cooks, authors, designers, and experts share what they reach for over and over again. From the dust-buster that misses nothing to the blender that tackles anything and the packing cubes that make travel a cinch, it’s the one time when playing favorites is a good thing.

It’s safe to say that Sam Seneviratne knows her way around baking equipment. After all, she’s a baker (of course), James Beard Award-nominated food writer, three-time cookbook author, food stylist, and Food52 Resident. And while she can probably bake to the same degree of success with jerry-rigged tools and creative thinking as with a whole fleet of gadgets, she’d definitely still prefer having a trusty set of spatulas on hand—especially the two from our FiveTwo Ultimate Baking Set.