Local food takes centerstage with TasteAtlas, a new website that claims to be the first-ever food atlas. The site features over 10,000 dishes, drinks, and ingredients from all corners of the globe.

In addition to mapping out locations of where to find the best food in your state, TasteAtlas also allows its users to find recipes and discover what plates their state, or country, is known for. Users are also able to give ratings and make recommendations on different food and restaurants pages.

In Connecticut, TasteAtlas lists four dishes that have been popularized within the state: apizza, snickerdoodle cookies, grinders, and brass monkeys (a cocktail made with um, vodka, and orange juice.). In addition, TasteAtlas also lists close to ten restaurants in Connecticut that have been recommended by food critics, including Colony Grill in Stamford and Modern Apizza in New Haven.

Perhaps the most popular dish in Connecticut, according to the site, is the New Haven style-apizza. What makes this type of pie special, according to the site's bio for apizza, is that it is "characterized by its prolonged baking time in extremely hot coal ovens and the high moisture content of the dough."

TasteAtlas lists three places alone in New Haven as the best places to grab apizza, with Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana coming out on top as the most critically-acclaimed.

Outside of New Haven, Hartford comes out on top with its status as a champion for alcoholic beverages. Birch beer and Jack Rose's are some of the most popular drinks in the city. However, brass monkeys remain the most iconic, as its roots spread deep into Hartford's culture.