Science really is kind of magical. Audience members will discover more about that when “Mr. Fish: The Science of Magic” comes to the Palace Theatre in Stamford on Sunday, Feb. 11

John Lepiarz, also known as Mr. Fish, uses many of the skills he first learned as a circus performer to present this fast-paced production. His 40-plus years as a performer include time spent with the Big Apple Circus.

“Mr. Fish: The Science of Magic” is a lively, interactive show where you can learn how such scientific principles as reflection and magnetism are behind a variety of magic tricks and illusions.

Other principles that moonlight as “abracadabra” and “magic fairy dust” involve everything from light and sight to memory, air pressure and logic.

Mr. Fish delights the audience as he demonstrates how such concepts work. He shows how magicians have been using such everyday items as mirrors and magnets to perform tricks which have been enjoyed for centuries.

Using optical illusions, Mr. Fish will make his head appear to grow bigger and smaller. He’ll also teach everyone how to make their own optical illusion, and will mystify the audience with one of the oldest magic tricks — the shell game.

The Palace Theatre, 61 Atlantic St., Stamford. Sunday, Feb. 11, 3 p.m. $12.50. 203-325-4466