Amy Simon Fine Art, at 1869 Post Road East, presents its latest exhibition, Lin Yan + Wei Jia: Echoes from the Past, through Dec. 11.

The show features the art of two highly acclaimed Chinese contemporary artists who have studios in New York and Beijing. This married couple has work which is included in major museums and collections throughout the world. Although they have distinctly different styles, they each rely deeply on Chinese traditional painting for inspiration.

Yan examines and explores the results of her native China's rush to be modern. She balances this unrest with the tranquility of her materials. Yan's work encompasses memory, time and history.

She uses the traditional materials of rice paper and ink in her cast paper pieces. Yan explores these mediums by removing the act of painting and brushstroke. Although paper and ink are the foundation of her work, crumbled soft layers of handmade paper create a post-industrial feeling.

Like Yan, Jia's work explores Chinese artistic tradition. He too attended the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Here he studied the techniques of his heritage and subsequently used his knowledge of Chinese calligraphy as a point of departure.

Jia has taken the work of ancient Chinese calligraphers and transformed it into contemporay art forms. The line, structure and rhythm of conventional calligraphy are molded into works that reveal movement and expressive qualities.

Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and by appointment. For information, call 203-259-1500 or visit the website,