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A postage stamp featuring "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" with his King Friday XIII puppet. >>>See TV's other top icons.
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No. 20 Carroll O'Connor
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No. 19 Andy Griffith, left
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No. 18 William Shatner, center
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No. 17 Bob Newhart
Photo: JOHN PAUL FILO, Associated Press
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No. 16 David Letterman
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No. 15 The Not Ready For Primetime Players (Chevy Chase, John Belushi, Gilda Radner, Laraine Newman, Garrett Morris, Jane Curtin, Dan Aykroyd.)
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No. 14 Ed Sullivan, center
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No. 13 Jackie Gleason
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No. 11 Roseanne
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No. 9 Homer Simpson
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No. 8 Jerry Seinfeld
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No. 6 Carol Burnett
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No. 4 Bill Cosby
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No. 3 Oprah Winfrey
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Click to see what the houses in iconic TV shows cost the in real world.

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The Brady Bunch's house is pricey and only has two bedrooms.

Click to see the actual home prices of famous TV houses.
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Image 18 of 42 | Brady Bunch
"Brady Bunch"
Esitmated value: $1,536,924
Hollywood, California
Photo: Karen Neal, Courtesy/Google Maps
Image 19 of 42 | Modern Family
The Halloween episode saw this pricey home converted into a haunted house.
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Image 20 of 42 | Modern Family
"Modern Family"
Estimated value: $2,718,434
Los Angeles
Photo: Warner Bros., Getty Images
Image 21 of 42 | Gilmore Girls
Lauren Graham may have played the role of a single mother, but she was living in a multi-million-dollar house...
Photo: Mitch Haddad, Courtesy/Google Maps
Image 22 of 42 | Gilmore Girls
The homes in this popular series are in exclusive Connecticut neighborhoods.
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Image 23 of 42 | Gilmore Girls
"Gilmore Girls"
Estimated value: $2,800,000
Washington, Connecticut
Photo: ABC Photo Archives, ABC Via Getty Images
Image 24 of 42 | Roseanne
The house in "Roseanne" is located in Peoria County, Illinois instead of fictional Lanford.
Photo: ABC Photo Archives, Courtesy/Google Maps
Image 25 of 42 | Roseanne
Inside the restroom of the fictional Lanford, Illinois house. 
Photo: Google Maps
Image 26 of 42 | Roseanne
Estimated value: $137,821
Peoria County, Illinois
Image 27 of 42 | Friday Night Lights
The home in "Friday Night Lights," a popular NBC drama, isn't too far from Houston.
Photo: NBC, Courtesy/Google Maps
Image 28 of 42 | Friday Night Lights
Coach Eric and his wife live in an Austin house on the show lived in fictional Dillon, Texas.
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Image 29 of 42 | Friday Night Lights
"Friday Night Lights"
Estimated value: $404,320
Austin, Texas
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Marissa Cooper was a privileged girl in "The O.C.," which makes sense considering the real-world value of the house she lived in on the show.
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"The O.C."
Estimated Value: $6,763,525
Malibu, California
Photo: Craig Blankenhorn, HOEP
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Mob boss Tony Soprano may have had many problems, but his home's value is not one of them.
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"The Sopranos"
Estimated Value: $1,573,397
Caldwell, New Jersey
Photo: Courtesy/Google Maps
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"Dynasty" (The Carrington Mansion) 
Estimated Value: $27,837,250 
Pasadena, California (Not Colorado as the show implied.)
Photo: Courtesy/Google Maps
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Grey's Anatomy House  
Estimated value: $2,013,404 
Seattle, Washington
Photo: Courtesy/Google Maps
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Grey's Anatomy House  
Estimated value: $2,013,404 
Seattle, Washington
Photo: 20th Television
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Part of this early 1900s Victorian home in Minneapolis was used as a set for the "Mary Tyler Moore Show." It became known as "TV's most famous bachelorette pad."
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Here is a scene from the show that shows the living room of the home.
Photo: ©LandMark/All Rights Reserved
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"Mary Tyler Moore Show"
Estimated value: $1,873,001
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Photo: ABC Photo Archives, Getty
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The cast of "Full House" crammed into this San Francisco home that opened the show each episode.
Photo: Len Hekel, ABC
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"Full House"
Estimated value: $4,248,144
San Francisco, California
Photo: 2012 NBCUniversal, Inc.
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"The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"
Estimated value: $1,575,669
Los Angeles, California

NEW YORK (AP) — It's a beautiful day in the postal neighborhood.

The U.S. Postal Service plans to issue a new stamp featuring Mister Rogers, the children's television host known for his zip-up cardigan, sneakers and soothing manner.

The Forever stamp will be unveiled March 23 in the same Pittsburgh public television station where "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" was produced. The stamp features Fred Rogers and the royal puppet King Friday XIII.

Tom Hanks to Play Mr. Rogers in Upcoming Biopic Hanks will play the iconic children's show host in the You Are My Friend. Marielle Heller is set to direct the film off a script written by Micah Fitzerman-Blue and Noah Harpster. You Are My Friend will be based on Rogers' friendship with journalist Tom Junod, who wrote a prominent profile of the star for Esquire in 1998. Junod commented on the announcement of the film. Hanks has a knack for playing icons, as he stepped into the shoes of Walt Disney for Saving Mr. Banks. Production on the TriStar Pictures film is set to start in September. Media: Wibbitz

Rogers produced, wrote and hosted "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" for more than 30 years. He died in 2003 at 74 after battling stomach cancer. His message remained a simple one throughout the years, telling his viewers to love themselves and others.


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