The Westport Town Clerk's office reports that the following property transfers took place between Oct. 18 and Oct. 22.

29 Manitou Road, sold to Mattera Construction 29 Manitou Road LLC by the estate of Elaine Richard, $1,500,000.

5 Terra Nova Circle, sold to Maureen Dewan by Michael and Sharon Dimick, $840,000.

18 Country Road, sold to Alan and Patricia A. Minarro De Alanis by Todd D. Fernow, $1,175,000.

8 Fairport Road, sold to Michele J. Feinberg by Great Hill Development LLC, $900,000.

29 Sturges Commons, sold to Mattera Construction 29 Sturges Commons LLC by Jason D. and Carole Elaine Kennedy, $,1250,000.

31 Hermit Lane, sold to Lee and Gina Nelson by Timothy W. and April E. Quealy, $1,450,000.

12 Taylor Lane, sold to Stephen and Masami Chadwick by Joseph S. and Susan E. Hawley, $1,925,000.

7 Ellery Lane, sold to Stephen M. Hobbs and Lori D. Parrish by Peter G. Scharfglass, $2,400,000.

The total selling price of these properties is $11,400,000, which equates to a conveyance tax of $28,600.