UberEats delivery man cries in viral video because they tip him 23 pesos

Smithson Michael uploaded a video to his TikTok saying that after driving an hour they gave him a tip that he can't even pay for gas.

The delivery apps arrived a while ago to make our lives more comfortable, especially during the confinement of the last year. According to a study by Fintonic , in Mexico the demand for Rappi increased by 62.8% and UberEats by 17.38% between May 2019 and 2020. This is because it was not allowed to be in restaurants or people were afraid to go out. Yes, these applications made it easier for us to consume food, but at a high cost for restaurants and delivery men.

In early June 2021 an UberEats deliveryman in the United States posted a TikTok expressing his frustration with his job. Account that he drove for an hour so that they gave him a tip of 1.19 dollars to which the application added 2 more dollars (the sum of both equals approximately 62 Mexican pesos). “That is not even enough to cover the gas. How am I supposed to survive like this? ”Says Smithson Michael in his video.

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He continues to share that he has nowhere to live and that is when he bursts into tears. He says that everything in his life collapsed and he does not have access to basic services. He asks people if it really costs them a lot to tip the delivery guys $ 5. Smithson Michael is not the first to share this sentiment on TikTok , in February 2021, Elliot Riley posted a video saying much the same with a broken voice. Showing us that the conditions of the workers of these applications are negligible.

Many of the comments made by netizens were positive, trying to support him and saying that working conditions have to improve. Some people were outraged because they believe that the fault lies with the company, not the consumer and therefore should not be asking people to tip better, but that Uber pay its employees better.

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