This is the most intelligent breed of dog in the world. At least that's what this study says

According to scientists, dogs of this breed are capable of memorizing more words than others.

A study by the Department of Ethology at the Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary asserts that the most intelligent breed of dog in the world is the border collie.

According to the results of the Family Dog Project of the university department, while many dogs have trouble learning the names of objects, those of this breed are able to memorize them without problems.

The scientists analyzed 40 dogs who trained intensively for three days to teach them the names of at least two toys. The dog owner and a trainer repeated the names of the toys several times.

This revealed that only seven races of the 40 weights were able to learn the names of the toys.

Scientists analyzed 40 dogs that they trained intensively / Image:

"The 7 dogs that demonstrated this exceptional talent are Border Collies, a breed destined to cooperate with humans for herding purposes," said study co-author Shany Dror , "but it is important to note that, among the many dogs that showed no evidence of learning, there were also 18 Border collies "

According to the Daily Mail , the smartest dog was a Brazilian border collie named Gaia, who was able to recognize up to 37 toys. However, it did not come close to the record of Chester, another border collie, who memorized a thousand words before he passed away.

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