The Westport Town Clerk's office reports that the following property transfers took place between March 14 and March 18:

7 Pritchard Lane, sold to John R. Goldman and Wendy Petty-Goldman by Kingsview Real Estate Partners II LP, $2,845,000.

21 Turkey Hill Road N., sold to Juan A. Lebrija and Alexander M. C. Scholer by Patrick W. and Ann M. Laffaye, $885,000.

17 Rayfield Road, sold to S I R-17 Rayfield LLC by Joan A. Barbour, $480,000.

3 Lees Lane, sold to Robert D. McKay Sr. and Roberta A. Farrell by Johanna Thomas-Degroot, $825,000.

The total value of the above properties sold is $5,035,000, resulting in a conveyance tax of $12,587.50.