Following is a list of the latest property transfers recorded in Westport:

5 Drumlin Road, 5 Drumlin Road LLC to Christopher C. and Lori D. Pulichino, $888,000

184 Cross Highway, Mary Ann O'Leary to Ryan and Shannon McGeachie, $1,860,000

52 Compo Mill Cove, Daniel B. O'Connor Est to Glenn L. and Claudia K. Schattman, $2,600,000

46 Terra Nova Circle, Lloyd Lyman and Marion Campen Mahone Trs, to Gail Zawacki, $715,000

57 Wright Street, Tess M. O'Brien to Scott and Cheryl Glaser, $820,000

492 Main Street, Carl J. and Frank J. Palmieri Trs to 492 Holding Co LLC, $467,500

492 Main Street, Josephine Palmieri Est to 492 Holding Co. LLC, $632,500

78 Maple Ave. South, Antonia Menoudakos to CFJ Realty Development LLC, $800,000

4 Victoria Lane, Stephen Herz to Philip M. Bowman and Arlety B. Campos, $680,000