This summer, Staples alumnus Willys DeVoll and Michael Fraade, two undergraduates at Stanford University and Yale University, respectively, will launch the Westport/Weston branch of Ivy Insiders, an SAT prep program that was started by undergraduates at Harvard in 2003.

In its five years of existence, Ivy Insiders has helped more than 4,000 students raise their SAT scores by an average of almost 300 points -- results that outpace most traditional test prep companies by a factor of two. According to DeVoll, such unprecedented success can be traced to two unique features of Ivy Insiders: an innovative curriculum developed by Harvard students who scored perfect 2400s on the SAT, and a teaching staff with average SAT scores in the 99th percentile.

"The reason Ivy Insiders has had so much success is that we take a student-centered approach to the test," said DeVoll, a 2009 graduate of Staples. "We approach the SAT like a game to be beaten and expose students to some of the test's best players -- undergraduates at elite universities who beat the exam themselves. By simplifying the test's content, spinning it like a game, and focusing on results, we've been able to produce unprecedented score jumps."

Fraade, a sophomore at Yale, is also new to Ivy Insiders, but he's certainly not a stranger to the SAT. He achieved a 2260 on the SAT -- better than 99 percent of graduating seniors.

"I'm thrilled to be in Fairfield County this summer to spearhead Ivy Insiders' launch," Fraade said. "It really is the full package: top instructors, the right approach, reasonable prices and, of course, guaranteed results. I think the potential of this program is limitless."

"The old-style education giants have dominated test prep for too long," saidDeVoll, who is a student leader at Stanford and was hired by Ivy Insiders based on his SAT teaching experience and 99th percentile scores.

Ivy Insiders will run two-week and three-week courses in Westport beginning July 5 and throughout the summer. It also offers private tutoring.

For more information, contact Willys DeVoll at 203-856-6076 or