A program hosted by the Westport-Weston Chamber of Commerce is designed to help you "Sell More In These Challenging Times!"

The event, presented by Gene Dagostino, vice president of Sandler Training/TEM, will take place at noon on Wednesday, June 30, at Bertucci's, 833 Post Road E., Westport.

Have you or your salespeople ever encountered the following problem while on a sales call?

"¢ Your enthusiasm leaves your prospects cold.

"¢ They resist your selling points.

"¢ They fight you on price.

"¢ And even when you think you have them sold, they slip away.

According to Dagostino, the problem boils down to one statement: prospects are on to you. He will offer a series of steps that sales staffs can take to become more effective.

The $35 cost to attend includes lunch. Space is limited so reservations are required. To do so, e-mail RSVP@westportwestonchamber.com